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Good parenting means your kids will remember the good times.

Today Kevin and I are sitting on the couch together & as I was watching my new favorite tv show, This Is Us, Kevin was watching the clouds in the sky. He taps me and says “Mommy, look at the elephant” & I looked up and I instantly saw it. I said Kevin, you are so smart! I love it” I continued and gave him a high five.

While this small interaction may not be remembered forever, I will forever make sure I create core memories and amazing experiences for him so that those are the good times he endures forever.

Childhood memories often shape who we become as adults, influencing our values, attitudes, and overall happiness. While life may bring its share of challenges and difficulties, it is the positive experiences that have a profound impact on our well-being.

kids remember the good times and the importance of fostering positive memories that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Creating these amazing memories will carry an emotional significance. Scientifically, the human brain is wired to prioritize and remember emotionally charged events. Positive experiences, such as family vacations, celebrations, or just simple moments of joy, create lasting impressions on child's minds. Just to think back, look at all the memories you hold… some of them from a long time ago, others just from yesterday. These memories are often associated with feelings of happiness, love, and security, and they become the building blocks of their emotional well-being. Ever seen the Disney movie, Inside Out, where Riley’s 5 emotions control her every move throughout the movie while creating chaos? Kids thrive in environments where they feel a sense of belonging. I mean, who wouldn’t? Positive experiences that involve family, friends, or communities strengthen these bonds and create a foundation of trust and support. Whether it's a game night at home, a picnic in the living room (which Kevin and I do very often), or a community block party, these shared moments build connections that endure over time.

Memories of accomplishments and personal growth contribute to a child's self-confidence. When kids recall achievements, whether big or small, they reinforce a positive self-image. These experiences can include learning a new skill, overcoming a challenge, or receiving recognition for their efforts. Like the time I ran for class president and lost by 2 votes. (Sad right? …wrong…) it was a great experience that will stay with me because I did my best and it was for a cause that I believed in. Celebrating and highlighting these moments helps children develop a strong belief in their abilities and fosters resilience.

Believe it or not, children possess vivid imaginations and creative spirits. Engaging them in activities that spark their creativity, such as art projects, storytelling, or imaginative play, cultivates a sense of wonder and curiosity. These experiences provide a fertile ground for innovation and self-expression, fostering memories that inspire their future endeavors. They offer a source of comfort, nostalgia, and anticipation, reinforcing a child's connection to their roots.

What I’ve learned is creating positive experiences will shape my son's behavior and shape his understanding of how the world works. Praising your kids' efforts, acknowledging their achievements, and rewarding their positive behavior strengthens their self-esteem and motivates them to repeat those actions. Memories of these positive reinforcements become powerful reminders of their capabilities and encourage continued growth. By intentionally creating positive experiences and memories, we help lay the foundation for their emotional well-being, self-confidence, and happiness. Whether it's through shared moments of joy, nurturing their creativity, establishing traditions, or providing positive reinforcement, these memories become a lifelong treasure for your kids, enriching their lives and influencing their future.

Let's strive to create an abundance of positive memories for the minis in our lives, ensuring they carry warmth and happiness into adulthood. Break the curses so they can be better.

Thank you


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