Newborn Newbie

Since the day I gave birth, this journey has been nothing but a learning process like no other. Together, my son and I have learned so much within this first month. The first night my family came home, it was very challenging. Although big Kevin and I were soooooo excited to have our new bundle of joy home with us, baby Kevin was not so excited to be in a new environment. Baby Kevin also known as Juju, had been mainly sleeping all day up until 12am. Juju then decided to wake up and start trouble. After several diaper changes, breastfeeding and back rubs to burp, Juju did not want to sleep at all. I was exhausted. At one point throughout the night, I had got so overwhelmed I just sat on the bed diving my head into my hands while Kevin tried to rock Juju to sleep. It was about 3am and I finally told Kevin to go to the store and get a pacifier because I knew Juju was full and I didn't wanna keep feeding him. When he came back with the pacifier, things seemed to get better and Juju finally decided to go to sleep after about 4:30am. He slept for about 2 hours and then woke up wanting to eat. At this moment, I realized, this is gonna be quite an experience.