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The Unspoken words of Natural Hair: Our first Prosestyle Session

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Sitting down and having an open conversation about our natural hair and it’s acceptance to the rest of the world was the very thing that I didnt know I needed. 💆🏾‍♀️

Thank you to Stylebox Salon for having this tough conversation and really getting deep into the real deal about our hair as a culture.

While many of us grew up with getting our hair relaxed and washed and set every 2 weeks, we didnt really get a chance to understand our hair or really see it for what it is or what it can do. And although the common “professional work place” doesn’t always accept our textures, as a community, we have grown to learn the importance & the love for wearing our hair the way it grows from our scalp!

Attending this months Prosestyle series really opened my eyes and mind, not only as a black mom that is helping my son to grow and love his beautiful hair but as a black woman that was taught that straightening my hair was “better.”

Learning to style my sons hair was a journey in itself. Trying to pick a style for a boy and something that was easy to maintain was always on my mind.

For me as a woman, too many times I have struggled with my hair. First, it was picking out the style, then I decided to go natural, then it was how it should have come out when it was done.

Holla if you can relate to when we went to the salon and hated to say we liked our hair and in reality we didnt like it at all and after hours of all that work being done on your head, you did not want to say anything to that stylist at all.

Or when you’ve twisted your hair that night before and the next morning, it did not come out the way your favorite youtuber did theirs.

As a community, we all can relate. We all have a hair story and during this session all I could think about was how unapologetically beautiful that connects us.

It was a wonderful sight to see my people come together and have this deep conversation. Talking and hearing others have these similar thoughts and feelings about our hair was beautiful and I loved being in that moment and in that atmosphere.

Thank you to Prose as well for having Kevin & I as guests. 🙏🏾 Click this link to come out to the next prose event!

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