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We’re Pregnant!!!!!!!

For about 2 weeks, ive been monitoring the belly & after enough research, I am finally ready to announce that we're are having babies!!!

& yes babies, as in multiple

When I moved into my new apartment I figured it was time for a new start, little did I know that I would be growing my family bigger. I expanded and bought my second Crayfish.

This crayfish was blue and I had to have it. We named her Bluey! I didnt know she was a girl up until about 2 weeks ago. I was cleaning out the water in the tank and realized that she had black balls (that look like tapioca) growing under her butt. I instantly thought she's either sick or ... THOSE ARE EGGS!!!!! After a full Google search, multiple youtube videos, & reddit stories, I came to the conclusion, we are getting ready to have some babies.

Now, my first thought wasnt "yay"... or what do I have to do... It was more like "how?" Because not only has she been the only lobster i've had since June... but she's also been the only one in the tank on her own since my two other fish died, so I was questioning how did she get pregnant in the first place. So according to stories on reddit and articles from crayfish professionals, she most likely was pregnant when I brought her home from the pet store, or there could have been sperm in the water from where she's been. It sucks that she's a single mom, but from one single mom to another, she's not alone! I will be here to help her and keep those babies safe as much as possible

What are my next steps?

Well, I have to get a new filter & add a cusion to it so the babies dont get sucked in & die. And then I have start changing the water more often. I plan to buy more covering for her and the babies and plants so that they can climb and make their tank, a comfortable home!

Comment below if you have some advice, suggestions, wanna guess how many babies she's having or if you want one or two when she has them!!!!

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