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This is our Linked in page. We are grateful to have this opportunity to help visitors grab sales, make money, and stay in the loop of the latest and hottest things. Below we share some of the best relevant things to be linked in to.


Gift ideas for kids


Lunch box


Lunch bag


7 in tablet


Singing machine


Kaereoke microphone


Talking microscope


Wiggle & crawl ball


Pepper pig action figures


Spiderman action figures


Nerf gun


Vtech camera



Leap frog globe


Colored pencils



Shower corner caddy


Rain forest shower head


Tub tray


Living room 


No drill, tv mount


Stand up desk



Shower corner caddy


Rain forest shower head


Tub tray


Living room 


No drill, tv mount


Stand up desk

Amazon Mama Finds 

Postpartum Mommy Care






Reusable cooling pad


Postpartum recovery kit


Nipple butter


Honey pot panty liners




Potty Training


Stepping Stool


Toliet with tissue holder




Pepper pig undies


Mickey mouse undies


Potty training chart


Faucet water extender


Potty liners


Travel urnial


Portable potty

Kitchen Must Haves



Beverage despenser


Ceder mop refills


Fruit bowls


Heat resistant silicone mittens / pot holders

Human Hair - Headband Wig

I ordered my first headband wig from Amazon and paid around $80. It was human hair and it was a body wave pattern. I absolutely loved it, Not only was it so easy to put on and make quick hairstyles, but I was able to protect my hair all at the same time.​
Purchasing this headband wig was very convenient. I loved being able to throw it on when I needed to (with urgency) styling the hair was easy and matching the cutest headbands with my outfits was so easy. Not only is this wig easy to put on, but it's very affordable. And if you have Amazon Prime shipping was free for the next day !!!!


Well... what are you waiting for? Click that link below to buy it!!!

Water Wave Human Hair Headband Wig -


Secret ways I make extra cash $$$$

Looking for a quick way to make some extra cash? I've found the top side hustles anyone can do. Not only have I saved you time and effort but I've personally tested these ways myself to get the REAL scoop on them.

Image by Marques Thomas

Doordash / Grubhub/

Delivering food is a great way to make extra cash and make it quick. I've personally made a quick $100 in 3 hours completing doordash orders, sign up now and you can try it too.


Become a DoorDash driver! Work flexible hours and earn an extra $350.00 after 230 deliveries. Apply here:



Here's a way to do a small side gigs for a short period of time to make your side money. Do enough of these projects and this could actually become a full-time job. 

Here's the link to get started today.

Earn money with your smartphone by completing small projects at local stores.

Image by Marques Thomas


Now Instacart is different in many ways. Not only will you make some good money quickly but you will also have to shop for the customer and deliver the same food you just shopped for. Making $100 in less than 2 hours is easy because the rates are higher. 

Become an Instacart Shopper today.



Try the Miles app today and get rewarded for all of your travels. Earn miles and redeem them for exclusive rewards, enter raffles, and donate to charities. Download the app now to get 1,500 bonus miles using my invite code RQONOT 

Car Artwork


Drive? How about driving with an advertisement on your car and getting paid every week? Not only will you get paid for doing regular driving that you would've done anyway but here's your chance to network your way into getting to know the people who live in your city.

Join today to earn some good cash!

Image by Alexander Mils


Get Klarna rewards - Have you seen the Klarna app? Try it using my link and you can get a $10 reward.

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